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guitar nut files | eBay 3pcs Diamond Guitar Nut Files Fret Crowning Slot Filing Luthier Repair Tools Kit See more like this. SPONSORED. Guitar Nut Bridge Slot Files Filing Tool Set Long-Shaft Sander Files Cuts Better. Brand New · Unbranded · DIY Project Kit · Acoustic Guitar. $5.59. Save up to 21% when you buy more. Widening nut slots without nut files. | Widening nut slots without nut files. Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by father of fires, Apr 16, 2014. Increase nut slot width without nut file??? | The Gear Page Is it possible to increase the nut slot width without buying a nut file or taking my guitar to a shop? The high e string is pinching a bit on my Strat since switching from 9s to 10s. Deepening nut slots without nut files? | My Les Paul Forum

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Slotting file video Stop your string slot file before it cuts too deep and the nut is ruined! StewMac's Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie, the inventor of the tool, show how it works.How to file nut slots! This Martin has terrible buzzing of the 6th string on the first fret, the rest of the nut is perfect so here I fill the slot with... Nut Slotting File Set :: Files :: Tools... :: Banzai Music…

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The nut slot will have been produced for a 'standard' B string, about .054 .058 ish. ... net if you over-widen the slot, and without the appropriate nut files, ... Pull the file/sandpaper sideways across the nut - don't push down ... Guitar Nut Files for sale | eBay Results 1 - 48 of 1094 ... 10x guitar file fret nut saddle slot grinding set luthier repair burnish .... up the nut for a heavier string gauge as a one off without dropping a ... How to slot a nut to depth in 5 minutes | My Les Paul Forum OK, you are still going to need a triangle file and or nut files for this, I'm not hacking up feeler gauges to become saws rather using them simply ... Nut File - Edge-Cut | Antique Electronic Supply Edge cut nut files in popular gauges specially designed for slotting nuts. These files cut a smooth, round bottom slot. Also great for slotting tune-o-matic bridge ...