What is the purpose of expansion slots

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Purpose and types of expansion slots and adapter cards

What is the purpose of expansion slots? | Yahoo Answers If your talking about RAM expansion slots its to add more RAM which means more speed and multitasking power! And like the others said you can add Graphics Cards, Network Cards, SSD and more things! What is Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe, PCI ... PCI Express slots on a motherboard. PCIe can scale from one to 32 separate lanes; it is usually deployed with 1, 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32 lanes. The lane count of a PCIe card is a determining factor in its performance and therefore in its price. What is an Expansion Card? - Computer Hope

It has 3 PCI slots, 4 serial port (VPC-1000 : 3 port), one printer port , and digital I/O port (In : 4 port / Out : 2 port). Not only port but also external dimension is taken over

What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a mother board? Expansion slots on motherboards as the name implies, are there to expand the capabilities and features of a computer. There are lots of different components that can be added through the use of an expansion slot. PCI Expansion Unit Data Sheet - Oracle

What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard?

2019-4-9 · Expansion Slot Basics. The term "expansion slot" is generic, and it can refer to a number of different standards aside from PCI. Expansion slots in general provide two functions.

An expansion slot is a socket on the motherboard that can hold an adapter card. An adapter card, sometimes called an expansion card, is a circuit board that enhances functions of a component of the system unit and/or provides a connection to a peripheral. A sound card enhances the sound-generating capabili-ties of a personal computer.

what is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard… Experience: Over 11 years of experience with Windows XP/2003, Windows NT, and Macintosh hardware and software. Expansion slots allow you to add additional functionally or upgrade parts to your computer. Some of the more common expansion cards are Video cards, Modems, and also SCSI cards. If you have additional questions please let me know. Main Purpose Of Expansion Slots - tramvianapoli.com StandardsIn other projects What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard? Every motherboard consists of expansion slots such that these expansion slots are used by the expansion cards. These expansion cards are also known as adapter cards.Types of Computer Expansion Slots - computer help and tips.