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Newly obtained IGT S+. Machine itself works well. Accepts bills Coin comparitor doesnt work.The X-10 should be able to be programmed for the coin you want to use with the slot machine door open.

DBV not accepting bills | Forum The machine that it came out of might have a different SP chip and use ID-022. There may be a dipswitch on the bottom of the DBV-200 so you can select eitherI did think of that, I tried several other cash cans from my working machines, The result has been the same in each case. Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S and S-plus Reel … Well to answer a couple of questions: S+ machines do have test buttons and they also have reset keys.I don't know whether your machine is early or later but on the later ones the test button is on the back side- Ensure the bill validator stacker ("cash can") door is closed and latched (if equipped).


The meter disconnect should be easy enough, as I know we've seen that before, but the Bonus Device errors are strictly related to games made by AC Coin (it is an IGT machine, with AC Coin game and bonus devices installed). I can't help you there at all, but I know a few of our members have or have had AC Coin games. Bill Acceptor not working - New Life Games

JCM Sentry Display w/ Bezel for 17" Game King. Started by ... My bill acceptor doesn't cycle with up dated eprom in my S+.. Started by ... JCM WBA BV won't enable in a IGT S-plus. Started by ... cash can compatibility. Started by .... or just want to help Support the site, please use the "make a donation" button. From your�...

3200 code after hitting the cash out button or hitting a ... IGT S+ 5 times pay deluxe reels ... **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games ...

Igt S+ Credit Limit Setup ... **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games ... but not over 400 unless you like reloading the hopper on big cash ...

We service and repair all types of slot machines. Mills, Jennings, Bally EM, 1000/2000 series, Proslot, 6000. IGT M, M+ ,S, S+, S-2000, I-Game, Universal, Video Poker, Sigma, Bally Alpha's , Williams-550, DOTS, BBU I don't have a WEB SITE, HOWEVER, I have hundreds of parts and reel strips and glass. If you need something, call or send me a pm. PE+ Slant Top Video Poker Machine - News: It wasn't hooked up to anything but it has terminals to hook four wires up to each side of it. I took it out being it wasn't hooked up to anything. Also when I was picking it up the guy took out the cash box there were a bunch of old 1's, a couple old 5's, and an old 20 in there so I'm thinking it must accept 1's on up. The coin comparator is a ... S+ Credit Issue - News: